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SPA Business Manuals

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel?
Each Manual contains valuable information, structure, strategies and systems to help you reach a higher level of success! You will receive a CD with 9 Word documents allowing you to download and customize each manual according to your needs. Now is your time to have solid foundation for your business! Don’t delay your success, tap into these great resources and chart a successful path! Learn More!

Add To Cart Regular: $2,375 SALE: $1,800


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Spa Business Plan Manual

Do you have a solid business plan?
Whether you are starting a new business or want to refresh your current plan either way you will benefit from this customizable spa business plan. It will help guide you through all the necessary steps to build a solid foundation and provide you with a blueprint for success. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $250 – 30 pages


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Spa Reception Manual

Is your reception department order takers or revenue generators?
What we found to be true is that in most spas new receptionist training consists of software, product knowledge and some customer service skill. Most miss the most important part: how to increase revenue! The Spa Reception Manual offers strategies to turn your reception department into a successful revenue hub! Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $250 – 99 pages


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Marketing For Success Plan

Do you have an annual marketing plan?
Designing an effective marketing plan is now easier than ever before. This marketing plan template outlines every step needed to customize an effective marketing plan. Simply follow the outline and input your information. It offers numerous strategies including a month by month marketing plan with suggestions. With simple modifications, you can use it year after year… Marketing for Success provides a marketing map to insure your business’ growth and success. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $350


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Spa Orientation and Employee Manual

When you hire someone, do they know what you stand for, how your business is structured and what their responsibilities are?
The Spa Orientation and Employee Manual will provide spa leaders with training tools to help clarify spa business guidelines, vision, mission, positioning, goals, expectations, and much more…. Both will position your company professionally, helping you avoid misunderstandings and improve employee relations. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $250 – 106 pages (Manual: 39pgs)


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Guest Consultation Department Manual

Is your spa still focusing on a la carte treatments causing you to work harder to maintain your guests and increase revenue?
This manual is a must for all spas! The Guest Consultation Manual provides you with the S.A.C.R.E.D. system to help your team develop programs to increase guest satisfaction and profits. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $250 – 70 pages


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Increase Revenue With P.R.I.D.E Manual

Are you tired of your team not upgrading or recommending retail losing thousands of potential dollars?
Make your life easier by implementing the content of this manual and experience exponential growth! Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $250 – 102 pages


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Therapist Manual

Do you rack your brain every time you hire someone on what to train them on because you don’t have a training manual?
The Therapist Manual will provide you and your team with effective tools and operating guidelines to position your team for success! It will improve performance by avoiding misunderstandings and mistakes. The Therapist Manual provides the spa leader with initial and continual training curriculum to refer to at all times. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $350 – 150 pages


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Team Building with C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Manual

What is your team’s retention rate and efficiency?
If you want a high blueprint on how to recruit, interview and hire the right people, discover Team Building with C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $250 – 90 pages


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Support Team Manual

Is your valet or support team doing everything they can to help you enhance the guest experience?
Teach them techniques and skills to increase guest retention and deliver a “WOW” experience. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $150 – 37 pages


BEFRIENDS Image NEW Spa Leadership

Build Your Spa List & Grow Your Business!

Do you have a spa strategy for lead generation?
Most spas don’t have a clear plan to build their spa list, even though it’s one of the most important functions of any business. You can change that by implementing the B.E.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Spa List Building System and experience exponential growth! Tap into 3 hours of insight that illustrate how to make compelling offers to generate leads, entice visitors to double opt in, convert them into buyers with effective e-mail sequences, and retain them by building a lasting relationship. Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $139 SALE: $99

employment law Spa Leadership

Employment Law Dos & Don’ts

Spa Professionals are always asking us… Do I have to pay my team for training if they are on commission? Is it necessary to pay minimum wage to commissioned team members and so on…Listen to Chris Sensenig (Labor law Attorney) and Dori Soukup as they discuss these issues and provide you with answers to many more of your questions. Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $198 SALE: $99


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Employee Manual & Position Descriptions

You Want Me to Do What?
Having employee issues? Solve your problems by having a spa Employee Manual and detailed spa position descriptions. They are both Word documents with the ability to customize according to your needs. Save time and money, protect yourself and your business! Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99


10 steps develop membership Spa Leadership

Ten Steps to Developing & Launching Spa Memberships

Do you have a Spa Membership program?
Launching a successful Spa Membership program has never been easier! Discover 10 Steps to Developing and Launching Spa Memberships to tap into this often neglected revenue stream and boost your profits! This CD includes: Steps to Developing Membership Programs, Marketing Strategies and Tips to Successfully Sell the Memberships, Brochure and Flyers Samples, Audio/Visual Presentation, plus the following BONUSES: Membership Management Tools and Membership Agreement Guidelines. Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99 SALE: $79


cover CD menu dos donts Spa Leadership

Menu Development Dos and Don’ts

Goodbye a la Carte, Hello Programs!
A spa menu is an important marketing tool that should provide consumers with your story and sell your treatments and products. On this CD, you will learn how to: *Assess Your Current Menu, *Develop PROGRAMS Instead of Focusing on A La Carte, * Structure Your Menu, *Copywriting That Sells, *Design Elements, * Pricing Strategies, * Overall Dos and Don’ts, and more. Create a menu that sells for you! Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99 SALE: $79


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Geometric Growth

Strategies to Stimulate Growth!
If you want to experience geometric growth, you need this CD! It contains three easy to implement strategies that will guarantee spa and salon growth: *1. Spa Frequency Visits, *2. The Volume per Guest, and *3. Spa Traffic. No need to reinvent the wheel, tap into Geometric Growth and experience success! Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99 SALE: $79

cover CD teambuilding Spa Leadership

The Blueprint to Effective Team Building

High Team Turnover Rate, Lack of Team Motivation, Stagnate Performance?
Discover proven-effective strategies on how to interview, hire, and maintain a high performance team. You will learn the innovative C.L.A.R.I.T.I. hiring system and receive valuable techniques and forms, including position descriptions, interview questionnaire, and a commitment agreement. This system and tools are guaranteed to positively impact your business and income! Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99 SALE: $79


merchandise strat cd Spa Leadership

Innovative Spa Merchandising

Are your Spa Products Dusty?
On this CD, you will discover how to generate more revenue through effective merchandising. You’ll learn how to: *Maximize Your Spa Revenue per Square Foot, *Create a Guest-Friendly Environment, Enticing People to Shop and Spend Money, *The Five Rights of Merchandising, and *Display & Merchandise with Sales Appeal. Let your creativity and revenue flow! Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99 SALE: $79


cover CD event planning Spa Leadership

Secrets to Successful Event Planning

Make Thousands on Your Next Event!
Are you generating revenue from your spa events? Implement Successful Event Planning and earn a minimum average of $100 per guest! Discover secrets on how to: *Write an Effective Invitation, * Barter to Reduce Cost, * Use Spa Dollars, *Manage Event Flow, * Generate Revenue through Demonstrations, *Entice Guests to Purchase Your Products and Services and Generate Buzz within the Community. This is a must have CD for your success library! Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99 SALE: $79


cover CD wellness Spa Leadership

Journey into Profits with Wellness Programs

Ready for Wellness Programs?
It’s time to say goodbye to pampering and hello to wellness! Be among leading spas and offer wellness programs that will maximize your revenue and profits, while increasing guest satisfaction and retention. Learn how to: *Develop, *Implement, and *Market your Wellness Programs Successfully. Keep abreast of the best, focus on preventative & spa wellness programs! Learn more!

Add To Cart Regular: $99 SALE: $79


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On-Site Private Training

In Need of a Performance Boost?
An InSPAration Management trainer will customize a training program or use an existing program to address your needs. All spa and salon training programs are tested and proven effective, when implemented as recommended. The on-site training will include workbooks, forms, and tools to make the facilitation productive and easy for participants to follow. Increase both performance and spa morale! Submit a form for a complimentary discovery call and quotation.

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Event Planning

Ready For a Super Successful Event?
If you have been hosting events that don’t generate revenue, it’s time to seek professional assistance! InSPAration Management can either coach you through the entire event planning process or visit you on-site for event staging, planning, and hosting. Events are a great way to *create a buzz about your spa and salon, *introduce new clients to your facility, * generate revenue. Hire professionals to help you with your next event! Request a quote.

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Are Your Products Collecting Dust?
Merchandising is a true art. Through merchandising, you can capture your clients’ attention and entice them to purchase your products. InSPAration Management will visit you on-site to create an attractive and effective merchandising zone. We will: *establish a merchandising system, *teach a dedicated person on how to continue the merchandising process, *share tips and secrets to increase retail sales, as well as inventory management techniques.

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Private Webinar

Looking For an Economical Financial Boost?
Knowledge is power; reserve a private spa business webinar! Webinars are the most economical way to provide you or your team with private training to boost performance and revenue. Choose a topic to address your current challenges and we will schedule and conduct your customized private webinar. Education is now easier than ever; invest in your spa/salon business and team to experience exponential growth! Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $250

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Leap Ahead

Leap Ahead Spa Leader Seminar
If you are looking for a blueprint on how to operate your spa successfully you are in the right place! Many graduates are experiencing double digit growth due to the systems, strategies and structure shared during the Leap Ahead spa seminar and now its your time! We invite you to join us. Learn more!

Add To Cart Price: $2,950


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