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Did you know that most spas operate at 35% of their capacity or lower?
At what capacity are you operating?

If you are venturing into new territory or already have a medi spa and you are seeking ways to enhance performance and earn more revenue, we have a successful business model for you!

Introducing HAPPY Pro Solutions!
After all, isn’t that what we all want, to be HAPPY?

Happy Pro Solutions provides medi spa owners with a complete A-to-Z business model and management solutions.

Happy Pro Solutions provide you with:

H eightened results
A ctive approach
P rogram A to Z model
P ositioning standards
Y ou gain freedom!

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discover if your medi spa is ideal for The Happy Pro Solutions Model. Prepare to launch Happy Pro Solutions! Take a sneak peek into the process.

Phase One:

Spa Marketing S.W.O.T. And Discovery Analysis
Identify Spa Marketing Capacity Goals and Growth Path

Phase Two:

Conduct a Competitive Analysis
Identifying Spa’s Target Market and Their Needs

Phase Three:

Determine Positioning
Establishing the Spa Brand, Corporate Identity and Image

Phase Four:

Assigning Spa Marketing Budget
Select Marketing Mix Based on Budget

Phase Five:

Spa Guest’s Experience and Menu Offering
Website Development
Identify Marketing Tools Needed – B2C – B2B

Phase Six:

Plan Marketing Calendar
Customize All Marketing Material and Sales Tools
Prepare to Launch Marketing Campaigns

Phase Seven:

Team Training
Launch Marketing Campaigns

Phase Eight:

Measure Effectiveness
Expected Results

Phase Nine:

Continued Support and Management
Team and Leadership Training

We invite you to participate in a complimentary Strategic Planning Session Simply submit a request and one of InSPAration Management’s consultants will contact you.
striped bar Medi SPA Management
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